business card

Welcome to my website. I am a sole proprietor. If my skills interest you and you have a specific project in mind please email some details. I do occassionally respond to agents though my preference is to work without them. My resume has a fair variety of work experiences. Lately I have been working mostly with mathematics in pursuit of new physics models. I have created polysign numbers. I have also discovered an interesting generalization of the cone though I haven't found much application for it yet. It is fascinating that fundamental mathematical constructs are still available to discover. If you are aware of past work on any of these topics or if you have contributions please feel free to communicate. I use USENET's sci.math and sci.physics so if you want to reach me for a conversation I can be found there sometimes. I will have to start making money again at some point so please consider me especially if you have an interesting project in need of a clean solution.